Pin up Aviator

Aviator is, without a doubt, the most popular game on the Pinup online casino site. This game's popularity is shown by its own spot in the website's main menu.

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The video game Pinup Aviator was created to be played by anybody, anytime and anywhere. The chat feature allows players to chat, exchange, share winnings, and have fun. Although it was developed by the Spribe gaming company, the game works wonderfully on the Pinup online gaming platform.

What is the game Aviator all about?

The Pinup Aviator game from Spribe Company is under the category of games known as random number generators. This is what makes the Aviator stand out from other slot machines. The most important aspect is that everything occurs very quickly, and by placing a wager, a player can earn his winnings nearly instantly. Each round lasts somewhere between a few seconds to a few minutes, and they flow seamlessly into one another.

The most important aspect of the Pinup Aviator game is seeing an aeroplane fly. The coefficient is 1.0 when it takes off, and as it flies, it rises every second. The game can be ended at any point by the player. When the player chooses to stop the aircraft, his initial wager will be multiplied by the attained coefficient. The plane "flies away" at some point, marking the player's loss. "Fly away" can occur instantly, even with a value of 1.01 or when the coefficient climbs considerably.

Based on a random number generator and the special graphical characteristics of the Aviator game, the player will have normal amusement. Even before each round begins, the bets made by players will influence the coefficient that will be attained. The Provably Fair technique makes it possible for anyone to verify the game's justification.

How to play Aviator: A Step-by-Step Guide

Play Aviator by performing the steps listed below in order:

  • To access the game, please go to the company's official website (if you are a new client, please register at the Pin-up website).
  • Verify that you have enough money in your account to place a real money wager. Increase your balance if necessary.
  • Click "Aviator" in the main menu, which may be found at the top of any page on the website.
  • Choose between the real money and demo gaming modes.
  • Click on the button labelled "Bet" after entering the wager amount. One round can have two wagers placed simultaneously. Additionally, you can switch on automatic bets. As a result, you will take part in every round up until the mode is turned off or your balance is spent.
  • Click on the button labelled "Cash Out" at any moment after the plane takes off but before it "flies away" to receive your winnings. The bet will be lost if you do not have enough time to "cash out" before the "fly away."

It should be noted that statistics for recent flights are available on the top section of the playing field, to which some players pay more attention in order to look for certain patterns. Although, since we are working with a conventional random number generator, there simply cannot be any trends or patterns.

The aviator's popularity

There are several elements that come to mind in video games. The elimination of the markings that would normally be shown on the side of an aeroplane gave the Aviator game a feel that was more true to the spirit of gaming. To begin with, it seems that talent, rather than an opportunity, is the basis for the game. It's a lot of fun to play Aviator. The way you play during the games will influence whether you win or lose in the Aviator.

Secondly, when you start playing Aviator, you have access to capabilities that are typically only found in live casino games. For instance, Aviator is a social game because it contains a live chat feature that enables user interaction. Additionally, you can use the abundance of bonuses to enhance your results.